We've gained an hour!

The Adventures of Allegria & Crew
Peter Lansdale
Fri 29 Nov 2019 15:14
"21:51.4N 022:19.4W"
First Mate and Mate here again...
First of all a big thank you to Ian for contacting Skipper... great to hear how our position is looking among the fleet considering our autopilot repairs on the first day...
On board we don't have direct visual access to the ARC fleet and boat positions, but we do get sent a text position list about midday each day by email and try and plot some of them on a chart to see how everyone is progressing. Over the last 24 hours we've been picking up other ARC boats nearby, both on the VHF and AIS. Today we had a lovely chat with 'Gitane', a Moody 44 that we've not yet met on land, and 'Mercury', an OVNI 395, that happened to be on the same pontoon as us in Las Palmas!
...and thank you too for letting us know that our Facebook posts via our Yellow Brick tracker are being cut short. Maybe 'Mr Yellow Brick' & Facebook are saving you from my ramblings...!
So we'll try and keep it short and sweet on FB and maybe follow that up with further chat here on the blog.
As we sail across the Atlantic our ships clock will be going back by a total of 4 hours so we arrive in St Lucia already on their local time. This morning we began with going back our first hour. This was during Skipper's watch so he used the 'extra' time to bake some gorgeous bread that we've just polished off for lunch! Maybe we should do it more frequently, perhaps on the half hour!
We were also discussing over lunch how we might determine our half way mark... another excuse for a celebration. A direct route to St Lucia is 2700nm, so the thought is to celebrate when we've covered half that distance?