Half Way

The Adventures of Allegria & Crew
Peter Lansdale
Thu 5 Dec 2019 10:29
''18:30.35N 037:41.7W''
Well we will be halfway very shortly, that will be 1350 miles to the northern tip of St Lucia. It's halfway as measured by miles to go rather than half the distance we will sail, which will be rather  more.
Minor celebrations will be had today starting with pancakes for brunch.
Today is glorious sunshine after a night of grey clouds and rain. Every time a darker grey cloud passes us the wind increases and then decreases as it has passed. These aren't really squalls although they may be the makings of them. Black clouds and rain are the ones we need to watch out for. All going well for the present, twin head sails poled out and we are making anything from 6 to 10 knots depending upon whether we are going up or down the wave.
Off to wait for the pancakes. Skip