Finally left Muros

The Adventures of Allegria & Crew
Peter Lansdale
Tue 10 Sep 2019 11:22
        42:14'.5, 08:43'.4
Cutting a very long story short we finally left Muros yesterday and motored to Vigo, not much wind and we are unable to use the mainsail. On our first attempt to leave Muros the autopilot failed again almost immediately and we then had problems rolling the mainsail with the result of much flogging of the sail and hence broken battens and some damage to the sail.
So we have come to Vigo to effect repairs and get the local Raymarine dealer to sort out the autopilot. In order to take the sail down we anchored yesterday in Ensanada da Barra just inside Vigo Ria and proceeded to unroll the sail, remove the vertical battens and lower the sail, all in quite a breeze. A Spanish/English couple, Enrique and Sue Cameselle came over in their dinghy as they realised some help would be useful. Within minutes their children were shouting from their own boat. Enrique's dinghy wasn't tied properly and floated away. Quick scramble to launch ours and all was recovered. We then dealt with our mainsail.
Now we are in Vigo marina in the centre of the city for a few days until we can get everything fixed.
Some pictures below of Muros, a lovely town with very friendly small marina which has the best marina wifi I have ever come across.