Arrived and nearly ready to leave.

The Adventures of Allegria & Crew
Peter Lansdale
Thu 21 Nov 2019 17:40
    28:07.6'N 015:25.5'W
Despite the fact that the blog just stopped many weeks ago we did actually get to the Canaries and Allegria has been sitting here in Las Palmas since 26th September. We have had numerous bits of work done to sort a few more snags but are now feeling confident about the trip ahead.
We leave on Sunday for St Lucia and so are in the middle of provisioning for the trip. Trying to find somewhere to put everything and making sure we have a log of where we put it. The activity on our pontoon and the marina in general has been noticeably increasing over the last few days as everyone completes those last minute jobs and get the food on board.
The weather has has warmed up somewhat and we are expecting light winds with scattered clouds on Sunday for the off. Right, I need to get ready for the sundowners so I'll close now and hope that we can provide a more continuous report of own position and progress as Allegria starts her Atlantic adventure. Skip.