Belated Blog catch up

The Adventures of Allegria & Crew
Peter Lansdale
Fri 23 Aug 2019 11:34
So having told non facebook people that we would do a daily blog, of course things are not that easy.  the original Christine blog had to be changed which took a while so what follows is a whizz through 9 days
Having left Lymington to sail to Studland Bay for our tiny little hop, the weather was unkind and we were glad to arrive but there was reassurance that the 5 am start for a 12hour sail to Alderney in the Channel Isle on the morrow, the weather would be much kinder ..... Rubbish.... but at least I faced the enemy with honour as well as an empty stomach :Sad smile emoticon
Alderney was amazing and the weather settled.... I think they should rename it Hermits Rest.....there is one main street in the town, interesting Royal blue post closes down in fog, in rain, etc but everyone living there seems to enjoy it.
so next sail to Jersey a nice 11 am start and good winds so  a really nice sail until there was a sticky bit with mainsail furling....anyway sorted...parked, off the boat for a cleansing ale/dirty beer, showers, dinner onboard and  zzzzz
Jersey ...explored by bus ..gorgeous views - this is day 5 by the way.
yeuuurrgggh day 6 and we had electrical problems so  a veil might be drawn over that.....the following morning we sailed to pleased as it was on the must see list..gorgeous day, sailed into Dixcart Bay which proved to be very popular...Sark is lovely quaint is not quite quaint cars, it is either horse and cart for tourists or tractors for locals... think of your drive with  a mini john Deere on it. The Medical Centre had a small tractor in the garden with reflective plates reading DOCTOR and the ambulance is a modified caravan pulled by a tractor.  Brilliant
So from Sark to Guernsey. Love Guernsey... Really nice.  Lovely buildings rising up in layers...a great bus trip to some superb beaches....nice walks good food.
so sort of a catch up...we need to head back to Jersey via Herm (another small gem apparently) a we need Discovery to get some serious TLC on this boat...but that apart, so far, so good.  All together Now   "Life On The Ocean Wave..."
We should be able to post pics eventually .. bear with us dear readers....I haven't kept the count but we are day 9 ands in splendid company with some lovely neighbouring boats from various countries  in Guernsey Marina and all is well with Allegria and her crew
Lynn xxxx