Grimsby (Days 2 - 7)

Chris & Helen King
Mon 9 Aug 2021 12:07

Wednesday 4th August

Today was forecast to be a lovely weather day so we decided to hit the seaside and walked the 3 miles in to Cleethorpes. It didn't disappoint. Huge stretch of beach, fun fair, donkeys and fish and chips. Really crowded but all having fun on a nice summers day. 

Caught the bus back to Grimsby to recover. Proceeded to the HCA club house bar for a drink before dinner.

Thursday 5th August

Looking like we will be stuck here for several days while the strong winds are against us. Found the Tesco Extra and did some provisioning.  We have now made ourselves very familiar with the Humber Cruising Association club house. They have a lovely friendly bar there which opens at 4pm every day and is only 2 minutes walk from our boat. Perfect. Drinks there before dinner.

Friday 6th August

We are enjoying being stuck in Grimsby, and getting to know the town and its history. Much of this enjoyment has a lot to do we the club house bar. We visited the 'Time Trap' exhibition at the Town Hall today and it was excellent. There used to be prison cells under the Town Hall and they have used this space to create the museum. So interesting and well done. Recent history and I felt quite old when I remembered the gramophone player and singer sewing machine we saw.

Back to the marina and the club house for a drink before dinner.

Saturday 7th August

Today we visited the Fishing Heritage Centre in Grimsby and had a tour of the boat 'Ross Tiger GY 398' which is the only surviving middle water side trawler in the UK. 

We went to 'The Barge' for lunch then back to the marina. Drinks in the club house before dinner.

Sunday 8th August

Maintenance day today. We changed the fuel filters, did the laundry and stocked up on food for the next few days. We invited the people on another visitors boat in the marina for dinner and cooked a curry. Drinks in the club house first. The plan is to leave for Lowestoft on Monday 9th in the evening, when the lock is open.