Loch Na Droma Buide

Chris & Helen King
Sat 10 Jul 2021 11:35

56:39.169N  5:56.255W

Thursday 8th July

Spent the day at Salem. Drizzle and mist in the morning but cleared and so we combined two of the walks recommended. Initially up into Sitkka spruce and larch plantation. The grass and bracken were wet so we got out trousers soaked - too humid to wear full waterproof leggings initially, and too late when we realised our mistake. We saw a pair of treecreepers. Then we walked down to a lake, which was so still the reflections were amazing.

Dined at the Salem Hotel - great whisky and honey hand gel  and exemplary service, but the food was a little disappointing.

Wednesday 9th July

Set off to catch the last of the ebb down Loch Sunart in flat calm, retracing our steps for a few miles. Loch Na Droma Buide, south of Oronsay Island, is almost landlocked with a narrow entrance.

We anchored in the SW corner, at one point the only yacht in the Loch. We went for a brief swim - it was cold. A seal came to investigate and swam around the boat intermittently throughout our stay.

A handful of boats came in later and widely distributed themselves, until one decided to anchor 50m from us. We made sure to make a lot of noise playing Yahtzee in the cockpit.