Chris & Helen King
Sat 24 Jul 2021 17:22

57:40.803N   2:34.721W

Saturday 24th July

So, we decided not to get up at 3am to head straight for Peterhead, but rather set off at a more reasonable time and make for Whitehills Marina. We waited until about 9.30am when the tide was rising and we would have enough water below our keel to get out of Lossiemouth Marina safely. We left Lossiemouth on a very overcast, misty morning - but no wind, so it would be another motor to our destination.

We saw plenty of guillemots, a couple of bottle nosed dolphins, several seals, one puffin and - most excitingly - a whale, almost certainly a minke, on our 4 hour trip this morning. The skies cleared by midday and we arrived at Whitehills Marina in bright sunshine at about 1.45pm to be met by the very friendly and helpful Bertie, the Harbour Master. He helped us moor up on the visitors pontoon and told us he had taken some photos of us entering the harbour. We borrowed his camera SD card and downloaded the photos - which were great as we don't usually have anyone around to take any photos of us 'in action'.

During the afternoon two small traditional wooden yachts moored behind on the visitors pontoon and it turns out that the smaller of the two boats is being sailed single handed, around the UK by a 14 year old girl called Katie McCabe who is hoping to be the youngest person to achieve this. She is doing roughly the same route as us but in the opposite direction. The second boat has her parents on board as support.

Once we had eaten some lunch we went for a walk around the village and up behind it on a country path that gave us spectacular views of the sea.