Chris & Helen King
Tue 10 Aug 2021 19:33

52:28.339N  1:45.085E

Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th August

We set off from Grimsby at 8pm on Monday evening after one (non-alcoholic) last drink in the Humber Cruising Association club house bar where we said a fond farewell to all the characters we had met there over the last week. It took a couple of hours to motorsail out of the Humber and once out we had the south westerly winds we had hoped for, although not quite strong enough to sail. So we motor sailed in to the night and had plenty to do as there were many large ships coming and going and nearly as many wind farms to get around. We were both on watch most of the night.

By daylight we were making good time, just sailing with the tide to help. A distinct lack of wildlife and lobster pots. We saw two yachts sailing in the other direction, which is worth mentioning as we have seen virtually no other yachts out sailing on our whole trip. Eventually, by about 9am we passed Great Yarmouth and a few miles later we entered Lowestoft and moored up on the visitors pontoon in the Royal Norfolk and Suffolk Marina.

We kept ourselves busy for rest of the day, with various tasks including taking a stroll a short way along the promenade by Lowestoft's South Pier. It was a beautiful day and there were many people on the beach. Chris took a longer walk ( 2 miles each way) to the nearest chandlery to buy an update for his 1996 (!) Thames Estuary Chart. I spent the afternoon trying to find us a berth for tomorrow at one of Ipswich's marinas, but without much luck.  I am surprised that the visitors berths are full as we see no evidence of anyone out there sailing. The RN&S Yacht Club is based here and, low and behold, they have a club house and bar. Of course we had a drink in the bar before dinner (exactly twice the price of the HCA bar in Grimsby) and then an early night as we are setting off for Ipswich at 6.30am tomorrow.