Chris & Helen King
Fri 2 Jul 2021 18:02

56:11.010N 5:31.772W

After a beautifully peaceful night at anchor we set off early to catch the tide. The anchor chain brought with it copious mud which Chris had to wash off meter by meter as it came home.

Little wind and misty as we headed back down Loch Sween. Several seals were about, and a large bird of prey - definitely not a buzzard - which we think must have been an osprey.

At one point the visibility deteriorated to less than 200yds, but by the time we arrived at Ardfern it was blazing sun and hot.

We refuelled and then found a berth. Spent the afternoon filling water tanks, defrosting the fridge, reprovisioning, washing clothes, engine checks, cleaning the log impeller etc etc

Eating ashore tonight at the Galley of Lorne.