Peterhead Bay Day 2

Chris & Helen King
Mon 26 Jul 2021 17:35

Spent the day in Peterhead. Still a serious lack of visiting boats - just the one new boat today. we had planned to stay here today and set off tomorrow evening on a 100 mile passage to Eyemouth. By luck, when checking the Eyemouth harbour website, we discovered a link to an LNTM (local notice to mariners) saying that Eyemouth Marina is closed from 26th July for one week.  No reason given but seems a strange thing to do in the holiday season. 

So we have looked at alternative destinations, including Berwick-On-Tweed, Amble and Blythe but after some telephone conversations with these places, they are unable to book us or guarantee us a berth on Wednesday evening when we would be arriving. Berwick Harbour Master tell us that Eyemouth are doing some work on their visitors pontoon, hence the closure, and Berwick themselves are also having work done on their visitors berths and are taking an increased number of enquiries from boats who cannot now go to Eyemouth. Amble and Blythe are tidally constrained (which makes timing arrival challenging), small, and without the guarantee of a berth probably not worth trying.

So to plan B. We leave Scotland at 11am tomorrow and do the 150 mile sail to the Tyne and into the Royal Quays Marina where we have been able to book a berth for the following night.