Royal Quays Marina, North Shields

Chris & Helen King
Wed 28 Jul 2021 21:54

54:59.697N  1:27.186W

28th July 

We set off from Peterhead yesterday morning at 1100. There was a weather warning for thunderstorms in place for much of the NE, but we assessed the risk as low for our planned route. We did put mobile phone, gps and handheld VHF in the oven in the hope that would act as a Faraday cage to protect the electronics in case of lightning strike. More importantly we remembered to remove them before baking bread rolls for bacon sandwiches in the morning.

There was a little rain as we left but most of trip was dry. Light winds initially from the North, then East, then South, then West as depression headed slowly North and we South.

Mostly motorsailing. One whale sighted;  lots of puffins, razorbills, gullimots and fulmars. 

Passed the "Rainbow Warrior" in the small hours of the morning, heading for Leith (according to AIS). Wonder what environmental problem there is there? Too many fantastic golf courses passed by to list but Carnoustie and St Andrews are the most notable.

As we approached the Tyne rain, and (for this trip) stronger winds (over 20kts!!!!). Not seen any sign of thunderstorms.  Filled up with fuel before locking in to Royal Quays Marina before midday. Initially allocated a berth with a very short finger pontoon, but negotiated a more suitable place. 

Grabbed a kip and then explored the environs. They take Covid precautions seriously here. Electricity card was lowered by by bucket from first floor window. This is the only marina we know of to boast a bath in the facilities; sadly no hot water for it - but good showers.