Chris & Helen King
Sun 1 Aug 2021 17:46

54:41.447N  1:11.991W

Saturday 31st July

We Locked out of Royal Quays Marina at 2pm lock out with no waiting. Lumpy journey with a 2 metre swell from the quarter but, as usual, no wind so motor sailing with the genoa out to help stabilise the boat a bit. Chiscos does tend to rock and roll in swells. Straightforward passage on to Hartlepool and we sailed slowly so that we arrived at the right time to enter the channel and go through the lock. More lobster pots en route than I think I have ever seen, which kept us busy. There is enough water to enter the lock at Hartlepool from 3 hours before high water or thereabouts. High water was at 22:06 and we approached at just before 7pm. Hartlepool marina confirmed we had enough water to proceed and a leading light to follow kept us in safe water with at least half a metre under the keel. Entered straight into the lock behind another boat. We then moored up just inside the marina - within sight of a wonderful-smelling fish and chip shop.

Sunday 1st August

We booked tickets to visit the National Museum of the Royal Navy (Hartlepool), sister to the Historic Dockyards, Submarine Museum etc adjacent to our home port. It is situated on the far side of the marina in the old docks. A really interesting visit with much to discover. The 19th century ship HMS Trincomalee is sited here, has been fully restored and we were able to wander round it.

The old shop sign for the chandlery suggests that they sold a wider variety stuff than they do these days. 

We wondered why there was a statue of a monkey in the entrance to the marina and discovered the answer at the Hartlepool Museum.

We wandered around the marina after our museum visit and found many bars, cafes and restaurants. We had lunch on the boat but have booked in to the Caribbean restaurant for dinner.