Continental Shelf

Phil Pascoe
Wed 17 Jun 2009 07:31
48:27.9N 09:32.4W
08.00h Wed 17 June. Just crossing the Continental Shelf, due West of Brittany.
Over a week at sea now and getting slightly tired of rolling around.  It's great that we've had good winds and a fast passage, the moderate swells created don't make life onboard very easy.  Even making a drink gets to be a hazardous exercise.  Food and water holding out well, although the daily menu gets a little more challenging as we progress.  I must say it's been nice to have yoghurt for breakfast since Robin & Chris did the shopping in Horta.  The dairy produce there was pretty good, with some excellent local cheeses.  Yoghurt had been available in the Caribbean, but it was extortionate so never found its way onto Whitemeadow.
The meat and bread was also very good there.  Although the fresh meat has now been used we still have one and a half loaves of bread.
We have seen very little traffic out here - not many other nutters doing this route.  Our closest encounter was 10 minutes ago when a fishing vessel passed within 1/4 mile going the other way  -rather them than me, I'll stick to Morrisons for my fish.
Two more days to go (Yawn).  I think we all look forward to resuming 'normal' life - things are so much easier on land, with horizontal surfaces, and things stay where you put them, and a galley, I mean kitchen, that doesn't move around.  I won't even mention the Heads and how often we've showered.
My usual motto is, ' Do it 'til it hurts', otherwise how do you know whether you've had enough?  Well, I've done masochism now, and it's hurting, and I've had enough.  Book me into the nearest all-inclusive hotel - the one on Southland Park Road will do nicely.
See you soon,   the Salty Sea Dogs on Whitemeadow.
Pics:    A rare period of calm(ish) seas.  The dawn watch. 
            Cabin-boy duties - your morning tea, Sir.