Pigeon Island

Phil Pascoe
Sat 7 Feb 2009 13:01
14:05.5N 60:57.85W
Pigeon Island (Rodney Bay, St. Lucia)
We have now been in Rodney Bay Marina for over a week - plenty of time to relax, recover and reflect.  Recent e-mails will have given most of you some idea of what daily life is like here.  Harbour Rot is beginning to set in, we are trying to catch up with chores and get a few things fixed on the boat.  I will save our current philosophies for another blog, as I asked Paddy & Wendy to send me their thoughts after their 2 week visit covering 334 miles, 7 Islands and about 6 visits to Immigration and Customs.  Here it is:
"You asked us to recall our thoughts about our 2 weeks on Whitemeadow.  First and foremost, thank you both for a wonderful time and for one hell of an adventure.  We use the word 'adventure' because it was not what the travel guides had led us to believe ...... "calm azure seas, a gentle hint of  a breeze to cool the heat of the day, an abundance of  easy moorings and  friendly helpful locals who will move heaven and earth to ensure that your stay is a relaxing and memorable experience" - NO!    But maybe it was the absence of these for 50% of the time that made it the adventure that it was  - I (W) will never forget the confronatation that Phil and I had with Atilla the Hun at the Immigration Office in Tobago - I really thought  that we were due to do time inside when the 'Officer' slammed his fist on the table and said that what were were doing was 'agenst de law'.  But, had  we come to this part of the Caribbean on some organised cruise, all we would  have seen of the islands would be newly built docks with the shops whose sole  purpose is to fleece the tourists  - we wouldn't have had the chance to  visit the markets or venture inland, see the rainforests or  the traditional villages.  And whether it was laughter in the face of  adversity or hysteria, we had loads of fun - after-dinner card games (Phil  and Wendy vs Paddy and Paula) were a real laugh (a few glasses of whatever was to hand no doubt helped).  The sailing wasn't easy as Phil has already noted but we saw the Caribbean "warts and all" - and that, after all, was what we signed up for.  So again, thanks a million to you both for allowing us  to share Whitemeadow for those 2 weeks - and thanks for not telling us that a  crew had been slaughtered by boat boys in Wallilabou a few years ago.
Washing machine passage across Biscay - done it!  Washing  machine passage between St Vincent and St Lucia - done it! Next? Maybe a  Paddle boat on a children's boating lake but, ...........when the memories  of being in a washing machine have gone and all we remember are the fun moments,  we will want to be out there on Whitemeadow again sharing the fun, the excitement and the sense of adventure with you"
Love from
Pad and Wen XX
Phil again:  Thanks for that, I will add a few pics to summarise your last few days in relative 'Civilisation' here in St Lucia.  I must admit, looking at the photos, there seems to have been a lot of drinking, eating and merry-making during your stay.  Even the sailing shots didn't give the impression of the 'lively' seas and the washing machine experience.  It was a fairly challenging 2 weeks, but a very memorable one.  Sorry that your return trip to Plymouth was almost as challenging and almost as expensive, by the sound of it.  We'll try to get your supplies of Ginger sauce back to you asap - might be worth checking that they don't have it in Morrisons or Lidl, it'll be cheaper!  Cheers.
Pics:  This is what 4 weeks in the Caribbean does for you ( Sun, wind or the rum punches?). Must get a haircut.
Be careful bargaining with a Cornish bird (can you see the tears in his eyes?)
Beer before Rotis at Jambe de Bois, and our favourite pub in Gros Islet (Piton beer, 2 for $5 EC).
Cooling off in the pool at the Marina. 
Rodney Bay from Pigeon Island.