Heading West

Phil Pascoe
Sun 30 Nov 2008 11:39

18:23.00N 26:28.6W

Heading West (11.30 GMT 30 Nov 2008)

Six days gone at an average daily mileage of 123 nm. Not too bad considering the fairly light winds. Less than 2000 nm to go.

The wind rose to 30 kn a few times this morning (before dawn) and with full sails up, gave us a lively ride. We clocked 9.6 kn at one stage, which combined with a lot of swooshing water and not being able to see anything ahead of the boat was more akin to an Alton Towers ride than a gentlemanly cruise. I put a few rolls in the twin headsails after that, too much adrenaline, too early in the morning!

Flying fish are now a common sight and one decided to come aboard yesterday (see pic). If a few others joined him it might have given us a change of diet.

Today is rather overcast, but usually we have a lot of sun, about 25 to 30 degrees C. The times of dawn and dusk have changed noticeably, around 07.00 and 19.00 now. What's it's like in Devon in Nov/Dec, I can't remember?

Is anyone out there following this Blog? Not much feedback as yet, are the pictures OK on resolution? A short mail would appreciated - I know, you've all got lives to lead and things to do. It's alright for these Retirees, swanning off over the horizon with nothing better to do than eating and blogging.

More soon.