Rock and Roll

Phil Pascoe
Thu 11 Jun 2009 14:44
41:23.3N 26.02.0W
Our position at 12.00h on 11 June.
Somewhere NE of Azores.  We are making good progress in 20 to 25 knot SW winds with some rolling about.  Raining yesterday, but sunshine today.  It feels good to be on the last leg of the odyssey, hopefully less than 10 days to go.
Crew settling in, but not eating well enough yet - we have masses of food to get through, including 4 doggy bags from restaurants in the Azores, the portions are enormous.
It's cold though.  I hope it's going to be warmer than this when I reach home.  I knew there was some point to sailing to the Caribbean.
More detail in next blog, with Pics.  This was just to keep you up to date.
Cheers for now,  Phil, Robin and Chris.