Portosin (Ria de Muros)

Phil Pascoe
Mon 17 Nov 2008 22:44

42:45.82N 08:56.77W

Portosin, Ria de Muros.

Paula, Robin and Pete flew into La Coruna rather late in the day, and missing one of the infrequent airport buses (time for a beer at the airport) meant that they only had a brief glimpse of the square before arriving for their gourmet dinner on Whitemeadow (aka Chez Phillipe). As La Coruna was such a nice place, I allowed the new recruits a morning to walk the circuit, see the sights, do some shopping and have a couple of beers at the Yacht Club. Then after lunch we set off sailing west again. The wind was NW 10 to 17 kn and as always it seems on this coast, the swell was pretty big. A lively sail, and yet again another night entry into Corme to anchor (34 NM). Off again in the morning with Cape Finisterre in our sights. Rounding this landmark at least made us feel we were making progress, and the sunshine and lack of swell in the Ria was another plus. We anchored at the North end of a long beach - all had a rather 'end of season' feel to it. We were all going to have a run ashore, but Paula and I decided to stay put while the chaps went off in search of bread. Within an hour the tide had risen and lifted the anchor, Whitemeadow was drifting backwards ant half a knot towards the Caribbean - thank God we didn't all go ashore. Paula and I reset the anchor with a little more chain this time! You know thw old adage - the chain is doing no good in the anchor well, it's a bit like my philosophy on beer drinking - it's doing you no good sitting in the glass, neck it!

Paula and I went ashore the next morning - mainly in search of a loo. Long hike, but an interesting place - we bought a few things in a small supermarket including Galician pasties. We then set off South for Ria de Muros. Paula caught our first mackerel of the trip, we stopped and had a walk around the fishing village of Muros before heading across the Ria to the recommended marina at Portosin. This was as stated in the pilot book, welcoming and not too expensive - even threatened to have Wifi on the pontoons.

We then had a couple of dodgy weather days. The first one we spent trying to sail south against the wind and swell (That's not supposed to happen on this coast). Windguru said it would be S 15-20 knots with 3.1 metre swell, and it was. We were making about 3 knots and slamming into waves so we gave up and returned to Portosin. The next day was much the same, so we visited Santiago de Compostela by bus. We were now getting behind schedule and needed to do some long days to reach Portugal and if possible Lisbon for the next change of Crew.