La Gomera

Phil Pascoe
Sat 22 Nov 2008 22:03

28:05.3N 17:06.5W

La Gomera 22 Nov

Tony and Pete flew into Las Palmas, Gran Canaria on Wednesday 19th November, to rejoin Phil on Whitemeadow. Their spanish was found lacking at the airport and they failed in their attempt to get a bus to take them into town. Instead they joined up and shared a taxi with Bob, who was going on to join one of the Global Challenger fleet, competing in the ARC. As they were late arriving, Phil insisted on a meal at the local yacht club, where we all indulged in a plate of Whitebait as starters, and venison for the main course. When pressed, as to their place of origin, the waiter - who had trained in Guildford - came up with the Picos de Europe National Park, in northern spain, yeah right!

Most of Thursday was taken up with the final victualling. A visit to the local market for fresh fruit (loads of green bananas), veg (15 kilos of potatoes) and meat (not absolutely sure what we bought), which was mostly delivered straight to the boat, and not much more than an hour of the agreed delivery time! The rest of the time was spent in the final construction of an extension tiller for 'Maggie', automatic wind steering gear. Most of the bits and pieces were brought out on the flight, and thanks go to Robin for all his help with this. 5 euros, to the local boat builder for drilling two holes, and we were in business; let's hope we don't need it. Friday lunchtime saw us doing our final refuel, and setting off' towards Tenerife, on our first 24-hour stint. Saw a flying fish, although none of them has dared to jump onboard yet. We even started our new watch; 4 hours on and 8 hours off, and signs are encouraging; thanks to Dick from the 'Borrie' for his suggestion. We came down the east side of Tenerife and around the southern tip before heading west to La Gomera.

As dawn broke, we came into San Sebastian, La Gomera, and discussed a possible overnight stay with the fueling guy. One breakfast and an hour and a half later, we went to the marina office and got checked in. We went to the local market again, for one or two bits and bobs, and then had a cold chicken / beer lunch in 30 degrees in the cockpit. Spent the afternoon relaxing on a bus from one side of the island to the other. Hairpin bends, one after another but some great sights. One minute we thought we were in the US badlands, the next in Wistman's Wood. Tonight we are off to the local yacht club, and will be changing into our best bib and tucker, until we reach the Caribbean. All of us are going to bed tonight with great expections, not mention trepidation. We even went to see Christopher Columbus's house today, just to put this in some context and get in the mood. We may manage one more blog entry before we go, if and when we visit Il Hierro, the final Canary Island as we head South and West.