Wheely Eely Feely

Phil Pascoe
Sat 4 Apr 2009 18:09

18:12.06N 63:05.6Q
Road bay, Anguilla.  26 March 2009.
Decisions, decisions – we now have less than two days to get back to Antigua, about 100 miles if we went direct.  Well having come this far we might as well make it interesting and take a look at Anguilla, then head back to Antigua possibly via Barbuda, which John reckons is definitely worth seeing.
Here we go.  A pleasant sail around the west end of Anguilla and then a beat, plus motor-sailing along to Road Bay.  It’s a low-lying island with lots of beaches, but most of the development seemed to be on the southern, more exposed, side.  John and I went ashore, Robin stayed aboard.  The Customs and Immigration office was closed so we didn’t bother clearing in – a quick walk along the road by the Salt Pond, back to the beach, a beer and a WIFI session, a visit to the public facilities, including a shower, a major purchase of 2 loaves of bread at the only visible shop and that was it.  Anguilla seemed to have closed down, or gone to sleep.  The beach was nice enough, but apart from a few bars there was very little there – one can only assume, there are attractions elsewhere on the island, but without transport and in this heat, it wasn’t worth investigating.
We decided to set off on a night sail, back around the west end of Anguilla, which we thought should then allow us to pass, close-hauled, between Anguilla and St. Martin and clear of the islands off the NE end, and if all went well head on to Barbuda.  The first night sail for some time.

Pics:  Hello Sailors!  Don't park your car on Anguilla.

The beach at Road Bay.   Anguilla is the generic name for the eel, it also has 3 fishes on its flag, so I had to include a fish.  

(Don't look at me like that you brute).