Phil Pascoe
Sun 23 Nov 2008 08:44

30:08.3N 15:52.3W

Selvagem Grande 27 Oct 08

The strong winds and limited shelter made us think twice about aborting this landfall also, but we tied up to a large mooring buoy and decided to brave a dinghy ride to a dodgy slipway with a swell of a metre or so. A bit hairy, but we succeeded and were made welcome by the two Wardens who do a 3 week stint on the Island. A brief guided tour of the Island with some insight into the fauna and flora and theWarden's role on here, + a beer and a free T-shirt. Amazing.

The launching of the dinghy was even more hirsuite, but we made it and remained relatively dry. A rolly night tied to the buoy and then we were off again - next stop the Canaries.