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Glenn Cooper
Fri 9 Mar 2018 20:36
Nonsuch Bay is a perfect anchorage.  In the night there was a roar from the  Atlantic breakers crashing onto the reef, but there was hardly a ripple inside.  You can see the geography from the photo below, taken from the Leeward Islands Cruising Guide (DoyleCaribbean)
Bird Island, where we were,  is at top middle, not far from the reef. 
A select few joined us in overnighting here.  They included the stately ketch Aquarius, something like 150 feet in length, costa lotsa dosh you betcha.
Some of the extensive crew were on deck-scrubbing duty and dared not look up as we passed.
Also in the bay were a number of kite surfers.  Some were better than others.  The good ones were particularly impressive.  As there were no waves in the bay they did not leap into the air, but some of them had hydrofoils beneath the board, like little Americas Cup boats.   They went like scalded cats when up on the foil, being dragged along by a sail in the sky.
For a change your blogster served the crew with a continental breakfast – parma ham, cheese, toast, hard boiled eggs and coffee.    Also having breakfast at the same time as us was a pair of pelicans, always a joy to watch. The coffee caused me a bit of grief.  I filled the cafetiere with water and chucked it over the rail.   Unfortunately the small zodiac tender was tied up alongside, and it received all the coffee grains.  I only mention this because to hear the other two it was as if Frankie Doyle had cracked the funniest joke ever.    The perpetrator had to get into the dinghy (an elegant manoeuvre, a cross between a somersault and a collapse) and clean it up.   Such is the life of a drudge.
Then up with the anchor and an exhilarating sail of a couple of hours or so round to Falmouth Harbour, choc-a-bloc with boats of all shapes and sizes. 
Here are Glenn and Mike put-putting off into town to tell the good folks at  Customs and Immigration that we are here, and with a cargo of 10 Davidoff Cigars and half a bottle of whisky.
And a little reminder that the channel into Nonsuch Bay is only for those who know what they are doing:
The bay was named after the first British warship to enter, HMS Nonsuch.   
Glenn and Mike are going to book us a table for this evening (Friday).   I am alone on the boat and will be likely to have some degree of snooze while they are away.  But I am missing them already...........