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Glenn Cooper
Sat 24 Jan 2015 16:37
A quiet night on Lake Wobegon.  Or at least until a big boat came a-visiting.  We hadn't seen anything on the water for about a week,  but at 3.30am a large item came on the radar, resolving into a vessel about the size of Tate Britain (137m) on a close course.  We had right of way ("Excuse me, sir, we are under sail") but Big Boy kept on comin' so we just had to bear away.  All under perfect control, folks.  
We hoisted Glennbo's famous spinnaker this morning (famous because it was £250 on eBay as opposed to a few grand list price). 
The pole is carbon fibre and weights about the same as a cigarette
Good running on this and two mainsails, although we could do with more wind and less swell.
Fish # 3 was a joint effort by Ben Scott and Mark just after lunch today, Saturday
Not a barracuda, although it is similar.  We will investigate identity.  Meantime, it goes in the freezer.   Here is the last one (sashimi and ceviche), Mark blagged the wasabi from the Japanese Restaurant in Puerto Calero before we left
Laundry news :  Ben Scott seems to be going for a one-stop strategy, which could be touch and go.  There might be some drama in the last couple of laps.  Gregor is also on a one-stopper, but he is on the hard tyres.