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Glenn Cooper
Thu 31 Jan 2013 18:54

We arrived in Gibraltar in time for refuelling with impressive quantities of diesel, swiftly followed by a late and leisurely lunch in the swanky new Queensway Quay Marina.   Without Mr Cooper’s influence we could have been in the old marina which is alongside the runway of Gibraltar airport, and therefore not a restful berth, as the Ryanair jets give it full welly for takeoff.   

One further consolation is that the monster gin palazzos which litter the Mediterranean cannot get into the new marina heh heh; but they probably have quadruple glazing anyway. 

One of our neighbours is the splendid teak schooner Astor, built on the Clyde in 1923 by the Wm. Fife yard – see 

Tonight we have guests on board so we have dug out the champagne (Mumm) from the cellar and Judy has made smoked salmon on brown bread with the crusts cut off; that’s how swanky we are in the new upmarket Gibraltar.   GG