arrival in Puerto Calero

Ocean Science's blog
Glenn Cooper
Sun 12 Oct 2014 08:24
4am local time and we slide into the glitzy marina of Puerto Calero,
Lanzarote. Our skipper, with guidance from Mike, guides the boat
beautifully alongside the reception dock pontoon "Hey, this guy can park a
Cadillac in a phone box".

Priority 1 was to connect up to the water supply; 2 to have a round of
drinks to celebrate an enjoyable and safe passage from Gibraltar, around 650
nautical miles. Priority 3 was to go back to bed.

A nice looking place, with both local fishing boats and squillionaires'
yachts, palm trees and modern buildings. We will go ashore later, and find
a place where we can watch the Russian Grand Prix and have bite to eat, and maybe a drinkiepoo.