Gibraltar up-date

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Glenn Cooper
Sun 3 Feb 2013 21:30
Well we are still in Gibraltar and I have decided to postpone our passage across the Atlantic for a couple of weeks.
The problem is, as usual, the weather. There is no window of opportunity in the forecastable time frame which does not include high wind and big seas!
Whilst we could certainly make the next passage to the Canaries we are a small crew and it would be quite hard work rushing along downwind with wind speeds of up to gale force and wave heights of 15ft. Unfortunately time is also not our friend since a number of the crew are running out of time – all in all I believe the best course of action will be to leave Ocean Science safely tucked up in Gibraltar and come back to do the passage to the West Indies when the next decent patch of weather emerges. It is disappointing but prudence suggests that this will be the best approach, it is after all meant to be fun !
In the meantime we have taken advantage of the available time to sort out some of the more esoteric sails in our wardrobe and get them fully prepared for the transatlantic passage – to this end we are going to do some sailing locally tomorrow and then go about 60miles up the Spanish coast to the beautiful city of Cadiz. Thence back to Gibraltar and then fly back to the U.K. on Friday.
more anon post postponement.