Perfect anchorage

Ocean Science's blog
Glenn Cooper
Fri 9 Mar 2018 02:28
A swim, a few boatie tasks, then I marinade tonight's BBQ chicken using Pinot Grigio (a personal first) and fresh coriander.  Then fire up the hand built stainless steel BBQ at the stern, and since we are at anchor and pointing into the wind the fire is predictable and the result tastes good (so they kindly say) .  Then when the main course has been  guzzled, with 2 bots Beaujolais Villages, we get the next instalment of the Mike Gilburt ("eat your heart out Delia") recipe book - baked banana, yogurt and Twix shavings and then a camembert that came in a tin, with an earthy brown baguette from St Lucia yesterday. 
In this quiet expanse of water - the Atlantic rollers crashing on the reef outside leaving our place glassy under yet another milky way display. And a big concert tonight on the boat stereo - remembering just how good Billy Joel is; plus Katie Melua, Van Morrison, Emily Sande, Elton John and others, sitting in the cockpit with the chums talking about this and that, including how privileged we are to have this thing on Mr Cooper's venerable classic boat.  Night night folks