Plan up-date

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Glenn Cooper
Wed 23 Jan 2013 23:00
Spent a very windy day in Torrenueva tied up to the dock with the wind whistling through the rigging.
It now looks as if the weather for leaving the Mediterranean may be changing so that we might have an opportunity beginning on Monday night next week. As the forecasts become more certain, with the passage of time, we will make our plan A to make a dash for Gibraltar hoping to arrive Friday next week. We will then be faced with the decision as to whether to continue immediately to the Canaries and that will depend on further and better information about the conditions in the Atlantic at that time. In the meantime we will do some pleasure and ‘shake down’ sailing weather permitting.
Generally our spirits have been lifted by the possibility that, despite the delays, we may still make it to Antigua by the end of February.
More anon.