Friday 30 January

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Glenn Cooper
Tue 3 Feb 2015 14:58
Proof that flying fishes exist.
No fish for lunch today.  Instead it is a variety of Chicken Caesar, but we do not have any iceberg lettuce so we are using cabbage instead.  We call it Chicken Caligula.
Winds pushed us too far south over the last couple of days, but we had to go with it so we could switch to a course that would take up and west to Antigua,  preferably in one hop.  We will see how that pans out.  The winds have gone light on us as we sail west....
...later.  We have lost the wind.  Sitting with sails flapping in a calm sea under a scorching sun.  Regrettably it is time to send for Dr Diesel.  16 days of solid sailing; we hoped to get there without power but needs must.
Dream – I am in a piano bar in English Harbour, Antigua.    Busking a few chords, with Ben wailing in on the blues harp.  Eric wafts over “Hey, that’s nice.  Look, a few of us are having a jam at my place tonight.  Wonder if you guys would like to come over and sit in.  Elton’s there but he has hurt his hand.  Aretha is dropping in later.    Maurice could pick you up in the Maybach at around 8.  OK?  Bring your pals.  If it get’s late you can all stay over.  Plenty of space.”