24:50.29N 24:54.36W

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Glenn Cooper
Sat 17 Jan 2015 09:25
Here is the moon again, pretty rubbish pic but it also shows the sunrise
We are travelling over the Cape Verde Abyssal Plain, which seems to go down to 6500 metres, over 4 miles in real money.  The seabed has its own topography, a mystery to most of us.  Maybe there is a transatlantic cable down there, carrying millions of junk emails every minute.
Here is a view from the wheel at about 0800 just after a shower of rain.  Speed over the ground, see panel, is over 11 knots – we are surfing down the swell, up to about 4 metres, and the boat is riding beautifully.   Teresa is talking to Glenn at the nav table on the port side.
Time for breakfast...