Update from ashore!

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Glenn Cooper
Tue 27 Jan 2015 09:31
16:31.59180N  49°17.91900W

Hello All,

Oli (Glenn's son) here.

The boat's main satellite phone has, at least for the moment, given up the ghost. Unfortunately what this means is that, unless it can be fixed, they will have no internet access for the rest of the trip.

Dad contacted me yesterday evening on the portable satellite phone to let me know and give me an update.  They are all well and making reasonable progress (about 6 knots dead downwind at the moment).

For those of you that aren't aware you can still monitor their progress via the cunning SPOT device they have on board.  If you go to the website below their position is updated every 30 mins or so:

The password is: ocean

At their current rate of progress they expect to make landfall on Antigua some time on Saturday so thankfully this slight technical hitch won't prove too much of a set back.

Apparently they caught another very large mahi-mahi yesterday (about 5kg).

I'll try and post some updates as and when I get them but the SPOT link above should at least provide reassurance in the meantime.

A rather envious Oli signing off...