We have a porpoise in life

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Glenn Cooper
Sat 11 Oct 2014 17:39
smaller visitors this evening, we believe they are porpoises, check out this stonkingly good photo from Alex
and some more....
and yes we are out of water, so a trip to the heads is now accompanied by a smart yellow bucket of seawater.  The water-maker has gone on the blink but we have sufficient bottled water.  We are not yet in Ancient Mariner mode.  We also have impressive quantities of Rioja and Vina Sol
A word on reading matter.  We have the New Statesman, London Review of Books and Yachts and Yachting, all of which are well thumbed.  Also vol 2 of W Manchester’s biography of Churchill (The Last Lion) – Tim and Jeremy are reading this in shifts, it is actually Tim’s book but Jeremy’s mark is now ahead of Tim’s.  The word is that because Tim is a lawyer who charges by the hour his instinct is to read slowly.  Also The Silkworm (J K Rowling’s second detective book) a book about an Everest Exhibition, and Bill Bryson’s “One Summer- 1927”
Roger the Cabin Boy