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Glenn Cooper
Sat 31 Mar 2018 22:35
Regular readers may recall that in the entry for Mon 05 March 2018 we had a little item about ensigns.  

We mentioned that after Glenn and Gregor had shlepped off back to the UK Mike was going to take the boat on to a few other islands, accompanied by some august pals who were classy enough to be entitled to  fly the white ensign -  not the bog-standard red duster that we are used to. 

Well, word reaches us back in the UK that this duly happened.  And here is the evidence to prove the upgrade.   Personally, I prefer the entry-level red job, but the white one does look clean doesn't it?  It is also a bit bigger;  not quite spinnaker sized but  maybe in the right wind it could give a knot or two more speed. 

This place where the boat is parked  looks like St Barth; note that OS and the bloke next door are both flying a little French courtesy flag.   That's all folks on flags.