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Glenn Cooper
Tue 20 Jan 2015 17:06
We have soy sauce, we have wasabi, we yearn for sushi and for that we need FISH.  We have rod, line and all sorts of floats, hooks and lures.  Ben S dragged a line from the stern a few days back but we got zilch.  Word had  quickly got round the Atlantic fishy community that that appealing orange thingy concealed a hook like Abu Hamza's right hand.   So we reeled it in for another day, but ever since then the seas have been a bit high for fishing.  Imagine our luck, then, when this morning a fish decided to visit us, and was instantly scooped up by Mark.  Not a lot of sushi to be had, but it is a start.
More food news – this morning we all had freshly squeezed orange juice from actual oranges, and for lunch Teresa whipped up some mulligatawny soup made from real mulligatawnies.  Cauliflower cheese a la Glennbo tonight. 
Weather news – the winds are less steady but we are still making good progress.  It remains overcast some of the time but it is better today with fresh airs and bright sunshine.  The swell is down a bit  but every now and then a big one pops up and clips us round the ear ‘ole.  Nothing stays the same for lond out here.  We are sailing on both mains with the genoa tucked up on deck.  No chance of spinnakers as yet.   Haven’t used the engine since the early stages.  We run a generator 4 hours out of 24 to make water and to charge batteries, but it is quiet, and most of the time we just have sailing noises(which can be quite loud!)
Dawn on Tuesday.  Some stars down to the horizon during the night but not the full Monty on the Milky Way.
The current rig.  The big box is the Dedicated to San Miguel fridge (still pretty full)
Cabin fever -  my cabin is a teenager’s tip.  Just like a teenager, I have aeons of time to sort it out but there is always something more important to do, like staring at the sea, or trying to remember the words of the second verse of American Pie.  Our skipper is a paragon, however:
Shipshape                                                                                                            Teenage shipshape
I WILL do something about this before my next watch, honest.
Special Hello from the Atlantic to Billy, Marcie, Sid, Jack and Delphi from Gumpa
And special hello to MeiXi from Daddy, still fixing things up on deck
And a  special hello to Kandi and Sali from Daddy, also up on deck