Lovely St Lucia

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Glenn Cooper
Tue 6 Mar 2018 23:05
Nothing on boats today (Tuesday) as we went exploring the island.  The affable Thomas was our guide, driving a big people carrier.  Commentary from time to time, and also some singing to backing tracks - That's why they call it the Blues by Elton and Angels by Robbie Williams to name but two.  He used to sing in a band. 
First stop, believe it or not, was a rum tasting, but after all  it was one minute after 12 noon.   We tried trace quantities of various rums,  Glenn and Gregor decided that the nicest was Chairman's Reserve from this island and we each bought a bottle.  We also tried a double strength one, i.e. 80 abv, which was rocket fuel.
On through huge banana plantations and up into the rain forest.  This covers the north part of the island, and the road gets very steep and winding, a bit like the foothills of the Pyrenees but with the two huge gherkins called Pitons often in view.     We stopped to buy some cassava patties.  Delicious.  Cassava is a root that is pounded into flour,   We had a ginger flavoured one.
The on to the volcano, an active one wouldya believe?  It is billed as:  "The Caribbean's only drive-in volcano"  There is a sulphur spring into a pool at 38 degrees C, and further up there is sulphurous mud that keen types smear over their bodies, wash off, repeat twice then you allegedly look 10 years younger.  We chickened out of that, just sat in the pool in a heady atmosphere of farts. 
Here are some keen types doing the mud thing, helped out by the mud guy, who has dreads and wellies   -  surely a fashion first.
Lunch in the town of Soufliere at a restaurant called Skippers that had a boat sticking out above the door.    There was cricket on the TV.  Beer and local style food. 
The old guys by the beach were all speaking Creole and Thomas gave us a few words, like bonjour toudou, which is "Good morning sweetie pie"
Then it was back home, a few songs and wet roads, That must be why they call it the Rain Forest.  A detour by Thomas to pick up food for his friend's Dad's 80th birthday this evening,  and all for 200 US and a few bits and pieces, a really good day.  Back at home and on to a boat owned by friends of Mike and Glenn, where there is Prosecco to be had.