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Glenn Cooper
Sat 3 Mar 2018 23:26
Mike says Bequia is the loveliest Caribbean island he has been to, and I can see why.  It is a completely authentic place, with local produce, and the tourist knick-knacks are made here, not imported from China.    It is hard to make progress  in walking without having a conversation every few minutes.  The town is clean and cherished.
Last night was a late one (we are sailors after all).  We kicked off at restaurant called Laura’s with a few bracers listening to their live music.  The first song we heard was "When a man loves a woman" by Percy Sledge.  Despite that we stayed on, and it gradually improved, so we decided to eat there, a table right by the waterside.   Captain Sensible would then have advised "Bunk time chaps" but on the way home we went past Coco's bar, and that was the end of that.  Seriously good music, from a 4 piece group - I think it was mainly ska.  The joint was packed solid.  Here it is the next morning, the upstairs place.
These islands were called St Vincent by Columbus who passed the islands on that saint’s day.  There is an  Anglican church in the middle of town. Saint V, 3rd century martyr, is on the right.  The church is from the  1820s. 
Bought a shirt, hand made by Ingrid:
There is a walkway round the bay, with little bars and restaurants, then some lovely plantation houses, and ending up at a little beach:
Mike getting a couple of cool beers after a draining walk along the Belmont Walkway.  A green boley is a calabash, there is a green one just to Mike’s left.  
This is such a nice place we could easily take up residence.  Certainly, we will still be here tomorrow.  I am on cooking tonight-  marinaded chicken, fried, plus spuds and beans. This being Saturday we had a fry-up this morning.  Mike made an interesting concoction for dessert at lunch – mango, banana, yogurt, chopped Snickers and 15 year old Antigua rum to add a bit of liquid.   We also had an avocado from the Dominican Republic, bought in Antigua and gently ripening since then.  It was the size of a bowls ball, and delicious.   That’s the end of the cooking news – off to the galley now.  Pip pip.