Some pictures of sails

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Glenn Cooper
Tue 12 Feb 2013 21:04


Mr Cooper flying the new spinnaker – bought on eBay. 

The posh white pole is carbon fibre and weights about the same as a toothpick. 

The previous one weighed more than a Scotsman’s caber. 






Flying the asymmetric spinnaker. 

The hinged white box in the foreground is a fridge full of beer,

for emergency use on deck.   

The smaller white box is a life raft.  Whisky is kept in Glenn’s cabin

(although there is none left now). 

By the way a litre of Grouse is about £6.50 in Gib.









Flying the monster gollywobbler –

see blog entry on 7 February.  This is a sail specific

to schooners since it needs two masts of near equal height.  

It is a bit like fitting a turbocharger.