Saturday in Falmouth, Antigua

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Glenn Cooper
Sun 8 Jan 2017 00:44
A pleasant surprise when we moor up in Falmouth.  Next to us is a brand new
Oyster 72, with a pro crew including Teresa and Mark,  who crewed with us on
the Atlantic crossing.  They are off on a round the world rally, not a race,
which will take some 2 1/2 years.  I thought that this was about the same
length of time as the voyage of the Pequod in Moby-Dick.  Their boat looks
very snazzy, and we had a nice chat in our cockpit.  They were not impressed
with the grotty state of out teak floor, so I might do something about that,
or maybe I might ask the boys to do something about that.  Thereby showing
leadership qualities.  (Later........ Glenn and I did it)
No sailing yesterday, and today Saturday the Aileigh half of Joleigh (not
Jaleigh as I wrote before)  leaves in the afternoon so
we will have a nice lunch and then maybe a swim.  We were joined at
breakfast by a rather nonchalant pelican.
pelican at breakfast
Lunch out today, at Catherines, a lovely restaurant at Pigeon Beach in
Falmouth Bay.  The sea is all of 10 metres from the restaurant.   There are
some strange trees called Manchineel which have notices saying they are
poisonous, one of which is thoughtfully sponsored by the Mothers' Union of
Antigua.  I did not see any pigeons at Pigeon Beach.  Maybe it is something
to do with the trees.
Lingering after lunch on the beach (I really am sorry about all this
distasteful detail) we see a band setting up with mics, drums PA and
instruments and hey-ho it is the same band we heard on our first night at
Jolly Harbour on the other side of the island.  Then it was full-on uptempo
numbers, this afternoon it is more mellow, Bob Marley etc. 
Spirited Band – see