Blog Monday 29th July 2019

Martin Ransome
Sun 11 Aug 2019 17:31
Position 57:00N 007:04.3W

Becalmed off Bara and in thick fog, not a good situation as you could hear the engines of boats approaching and could only hope that they could see us on their radar. Was not a good time as we felt very vulnerable and not really able to do anything. Decided to launch the tender and put the outboard engine on. Attached the tender on the std quarter and tested her out to see what speed we could do. Surprised that we could do 4.5 knots.
The original plan was to go to Portree, Skye, as there was plenty of room to anchor as we had no engine and then work on getting the water drained out of the engine and hopefully get the oil changed, engine going. motor to Plockton.
With the success of the tender we agreed that we may as well go round the south of Skye, take the tender into Mallaig for more fuel and the head for Plockton.
Arrived off the Isle of Rum and decided to anchor for the night in Loch Scresort. Anchored at 2230, had a few drams and went to bed. As Craig had been wrong 12-6 his body clock was all wrong so he had difficulty sleeping. Departed Loch Scresort at 0550/ 30th July and headed towards Mallaig.
1020, left Metsuyan drifting with Craig and went into Mallaig for fuel and goodies for lunch.
1120 departed offshore Mallaig.
We had missed the tide for Kyle Rhea Narrows so decided to overnight in Ornsay Bay and go ashore for some refreshments and a meal.
1440 anchored in Ornsay Bay.

Martin and Craig