Position 27th May

Martin Ransome
Tue 4 Jun 2019 16:32
Lat 26 57 N 061 05 W Course 342 degrees
Distance for day 59 miles. Total Distance 706 miles
Speed 2.46kts Average 3.65 Knots
Winds northerly 5-10knots.

Little speed winds low.
We all had a lazy Sunday and didn,t mention engines at all. Poor
Martin, the engine had made awful noises when he ran it to charge the
batteries, having fixed the alternator. We had mixed winds on the night
shifts but at least have made some progress. Chris tried fishing but
the minute the lure was out 10 seabirds tried to take. We think they are
sheerwaters (cigarros in the Azores) but the only bird book on board is
a Playboy which M thinks has been on board since he bought the boat.
Today we were ambling along and M had a look at the engine and replaced
some exhaust pipe but the noise is still there. Lunchtime we lost the
wind and we now have a very friendly bird bobbing along beside and the
other 9 are getting closer. We threw them a couple of flying fish we
found on board but they turned their beaks up at them. we have just had
another swim; the swell is quite big and our little bird watched us. Now
all we need is wind!
Metsuyan Team

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