Blog via Satellite 1430 GMT Wednesday10th July

Martin Ransome
Wed 10 Jul 2019 14:45
Position Horta Harbour 38:31.802N 028:37.518W
We have been talking to Mailasail this morning again and may have found the problem.
The settings after alteration reverted to the previous unworkable settings.
The weather is hot today. Clear Skies and a good view of Pico the adjacent Island.
We have repaired the engine, alternator, cleared out the water tanks and filled both of them. The gas regulator was defective and we changed that.
Most of our systems work except for the Diesel Generator. We have to rig the third reef points and we should be ready to go.
The forecast shows quite a lot of calm patches. We will be very happy if this message gets through.


Martin and Craig