3rd June Bermuda

Martin Ransome
Tue 4 Jun 2019 17:19
Yesterday Sunday entered the channel to go to Hamilton which was to
the west of the island. Strong winds 25 knots. After passing clear of
the headland had to tack as the channel was in the WNW and wind SW.
Intention was to round into the narrower channel which marked clear
passage from the various rocks. Now winds had intensified to 30 knots
and 33 knots was seen, by Chrissie. We had to abort the channel and had
to drop anchor near another sailing vessel. We all had a good sleep
after the restless night the day before.

Could not use engine.

Went ashore in the dinghy to find Ship Chandler to buy new charger unit.
The wind was up again at 20-25 knots. Lucky we had taken our jackets
with us as we were drenched on the way in. We left the dinghy at the
dinghy park - yes they have special parking areas. We managed to ask a
man for the directions lucky he was a sailor so pointed us in the right
direction. At the store we could not find what we wanted, but when the
manager was free we made some progress. It turned out he was a Sea King
Pilot and had been to Plockton recovering torpedos after submarine
exercises. They did not have battery charger, but he put us in touch
with an engineer for the engine. We went to various shops to find the
battery unit. Our last stop turned out to be the boatyard where our
mechanic was for the engine. He was able to order a battery charger from
USA which will be delivered by FEDEX. We returned to the boat another
wet trip to pick up the boat and bring her into the marina where we had
permission to berth.

When bringing the boat in the wind decided to increase to 25 knots which
made it a bit uncomfortable for sailing. Berthed under sail. Gin and
whisky was served.

Impressions of Bermuda. Beautiful and clean. Houses look neat and lots
of landscape. We found the people very polite and helpful.

Metsuyan Team

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