10th June St Georges

Martin Ransome
Mon 10 Jun 2019 21:17
Today we have been tidying up the boat and cleaning.

We have been able to dump our rubbish easily at the dinghy dock/Park.
They also have a oil disposal unit. Martin changed the oil again and
removed all the remaining water and now has it second oil change in 3 days.

Martin yesterday found some Cornish Pasties fresh at the supermarket so
served with Baked beans. We were full as it was a large one. Today went
back and they were just waiting for us again so we had with Spaghetti
Heinz jsut to temping.

We have found a free wifi at Kings Square which open to the public
provided by the local Township.

The wind is still calm. Forecasts are looking at Wednesday 15 knots. I
have talked to a few yachts and they are leaving for Azores Wednesday or
Thursday so probably have company some of the way.

Martin/ Chris

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