Metsuyan Positions

Martin Ransome
Wed 22 May 2019 19:56
Position Tuesday 21st May 2019

lat 21 31 N Long 060 24 W
distance travelled since Tinamare 262 miles in 50 hrs
Speed 5.24
Course 048 rhumb line. Distance to go 3259 depending on future weather
Winds Easterly 10-15knots Close hauled.
We have been sailing along at 5-6 knots and we are now perfecting the crab crawl as we are out of practice at doing everything at 45 degrees. It is hard work even to make a cup of tea and pass it up on deck and just when you think it is all going well a big swell comes along and you slosh it everywhere. we are slowly perfecting the art of cooking and Martin made a really good corn beef hash in the pressure cooker last night. bread lasts 2 days so i only have to do it every other day but Ann's Remoska cooker is amazing.
Sleeping is quite hard as there is quite a bit of swell and often we are flungup in the air by a big wave only to meet our pillows coming back up to us but it always takes a bit of adjusting and we are fine. We had 3 dolphins play alongside on our first day,a few flying fish but none have landed on deck for breakfast yet, and chris has just seen a tuna jumping but not got the rod out yet.

Metsuyan Team

PS We will only be updating the log every 2 to 3 days.

Wednesday 22nd May 2019

23 15 N 059 11 W Course 048 Speed 5.44 average. Winds Easterly 5-12 knots. Distance to go 3014 miles course 050
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Metsuyan Team