Position 1st June

Martin Ransome
Tue 4 Jun 2019 17:18
Lat 31 54 N 063 43 W Course 315 degree
Distance for day 102 miles. Total 1042 miles
Wind SW 10-15 knots.
Speed day 4.25 knots average 3.26 knots.
First time logged over a 100 miles for a week.

Nice to see land on Raymarine nautical chart. We had cruising shute up
for a bit but wind got up a bit and she managed to get wrapped round
genoa. we think M likes to give us a bit of exercise man-handling the
shute! Thinking of having a swim after lunch but, at last, wind and we
are moving.
We had a bit of a busy night as the windvane rudder kept getting wrapped
up with Sargossa weed and M and chris had to keep getting on the stern
and pushing it off. Chris had to put her back on auto pilot on his
watch and so by dawn the batteries were right down so i had to hand
steer for a couple of hours...good practice for me.
Everytime Chris mentions fishing the weed appears and now we have
Portuguese man of war jellyfish floating by. The Portuguese man have a
small membrane which acts as a sail. Bermuda is not so far away now
about 50 miles.
We are nearing civilization so M and i are doing our washing ..a bucket
on the stern and the movement of the boat and swell does the rest.

Metsuyan Team

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