Blog Sunday 21st July 2019

Martin Ransome
Sun 21 Jul 2019 10:53
Position 49:42 N 018:02W

We departed from Horta 0700 GMT 12th July 2019. Winds were light and did not give us much speed. 15th July saw us inter Azores calm. 17th July the wind arrived, cruising chute up and we were making way towards Scotland. The wind increased over the next couple of days and we were making 5 - 6 knots with the main reefed down to first reef. 20th July, wind still increasing and motion becoming a little uncomfortable. Engine again discovered to be full of water, we are convinced that the high following seas are entering the engine exhaust as all other valves are closed.
21st July took down the main and rolled in the genoa to make a very small jib, still doing 5-7 kts in rough following to beam on seas.
We have had no success with sending the blog but will try again. Hopefully will be in Plockton by the 29th July.

Martin and Craig