18th June

Martin Ransome
Tue 2 Jul 2019 15:51
35 30 N 055 05 W
Distance 17th 59 miles 18th 120 miles.
Speed 17th 2.19knots 18th 5.15 knots
Course 090 degree To Go 1277 miles.
Winds 16th N 5-10knots 17th Lt Aires increasing from 0800hrs WSW 10-15knots. 17th pm WSW 15 to 25 knots.

Sails rigged:
Main and Genoa rigged. 16th 2000 hrs to 17th 0800hrs winds all over the place 0-4 knots. Take down the main and Genoa put up the sailing chute.Wind astern WSW. 1700 hrs removed Sailing chute and on Main and Genoa due to winds increasing. 18th 0230hrs put in first reef on main sail due to winds 20 + knots.
0800hrs take down main sail and sailing on the Genoa only.

Monday we saw 2 Marlins about 1.5 Metres long 25 meters away. Also quite a lot of Portuguese Men of War.
Amazingly Craig saw on 3 different occasions, the POMs pull their heads up like a snail and watched us go past.
The Shearwater again followed us. We saw an East bound RoRo type vessel overtake us.
During the early hours of Monday the sea was flat calm and looked like a mill pond. The wind was about 5 knots,circulating every minute from all directions.
We had to furl the Genoa and the mainsail was flapping. At 0800 we launched the cruising chute again on a freshing and more steady wind. We were making 3 knots.
We only made 59 miles days run. The night skies are moonlit and mostly clear.

Martin, Chris Craig

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