4th June Bermuda

Martin Ransome
Tue 4 Jun 2019 17:20
This morning Graham arrived back to sort out the engine. Somehow water
had gone into the pistons. He is trying to sort it out and progress
seems to be being made. The source of water is probably from the exhaust
system which is badly rotted.

The Waterfront Marina manager came to see us, with reference to the port
arrival as Hamilton is not a port of entry but Georgetown at the
entrance. He contacted them direct and they came down to the yacht. They
were polite and were not to worried about our delay for Port Entry. Just
as well as not sure we were going to be treated as illegal immigrants.

We will probably go to a pub later. Heard price is 10-12 USD a beer !!!!

Expensive brought 8 oranges in a bag 13.85 USD. Bread 5-7 USD.

Metsuyan Team

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