Position 25th May

Martin Ransome
Tue 4 Jun 2019 16:29
Lat 25 09 N 058 48W.
Distance last 24 hrs 52 miles. Total Distance 528 miles. To go Bermuda
539 miles
Wind first 20 hrs 0-6 knots SSW increase 10-14 knots veering to SW.

No wind reading books. Tried fishing different ways to entrace the fish
but they are not interested.Lots of Saragossa weed catching the lure

We have gone from no wind to swell and wind so flying along at 5+knots.
and are now on the starboard tack so having to learn to lean the other
way and find new places to wedge ourselves! Martin,s shaving cream
exploded in his bathroom cupboard so he had foam everywhere. I,m not
sure why men use the stuff as it has done an excellent job of removing
the varnish on the shelf.
We made good use of the calm yesterday and with 3 of us hanging onto the
boom/mainsail (good kettlebells exercise)we managed to get the bottom
baton back in the slot. We hadn.t got it in far enough when we put the
new sail up as it was quite windy then. The new main is looking good.
Tonight M is cooking his famous chilli con carne so i suspect there will
be wind all around.


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