20th June Position

Martin Ransome
Tue 2 Jul 2019 15:53
36 34 N 050 23 W
distance 130 miles Total 787 miles
Speed day 5.42 knots Average 4.22 knots.
Wind WNW 20-30 knots
Sail Genoa furled in a little at 0400hrs and 0800hr due stronger stern winds. Wind steering adjusted to take wind right after easier movement ansd straighter line.
Marine; Best day

First a large octopus just below the surface about 1 metre long.
A large tuna stalking the boat seen a few times.
2 marlin greenish colour swimming together
Another pair of Tuna.
Found a small squid on deck.
Fishing NOTHING.

Found that the storm petrel flies at night.


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